Cocktails at The Dock Plymouth

The Dock Plymouth  

Cocktail List

Clover Club.....£8
Plymouth Gin, lemon juice, raspberry puree, lemon juice, sugar and an egg white shaken and served straight up.

Classic Mojito......£8
Havana Club Especial, fresh mint, lime juice, demerera syrup served with crushed ice & mint sprig.

Vodka Daisy.......£8
Absolut Vodka, fresh lemon and homemade grenadine, built and garnished with seasonal fruit.

Army and Navy.......£8
Plymouth Gin, lemon juice and almond syrup shaken and served straight up.

Peach Bellini.......£9
Peach puree, sugar and lemon juice stirred topped with prosecco. 

Old Maid........£8 
Beefeater Gin, fresh lime, sugar syrup shaken with cucumber and mint served straight up.

Pina Colada........£8 
Havana Club Especial, coconut puree, pineapple juice, fresh pineapple, tiki bitters and a dash of double cream blended together.

Elderflower, lemon juice, and Absolut Vodka shaken and topped with champagne.

Navy Negroni........£9 
Plymouth Navy Strength Gin, Carparno Antica Formula and Campari stirred and garnished with an orange slice.

The Zombie........£9 
Gold Rum, Dark and an overproof rum shaken with grapefruit juice, cinnamon syrup and homemade grenadine and a dash of tiki bitters.

Non Alcoholic

Nada Colada........£6 
Pineapple juice, fresh pineapple, dash of cream and coconut puree, blended and topped with crushed ice.

Vanilla, cinnamon syrup, Devon Apple Juice and lemon shaken and topped with soda.


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